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History of 305

The original house was built in 1969.  Mr and Mrs Woodhead bought the house from an elderly spinster, who lived with 19 cats.  It was then only a 2 bedroom house which Mr Woodhead extended to a 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom house.

It was often referred to by local ski boat fishermen as the “Doll House”, being the only double story house in Iphala Road at the time.  The fishermen often used it as a marker for the fishing reefs.

Featured is the image of the original 305 house in its first days of glory.

In the photo from left: Gordon Woodhead, Mrs Woodhead “Mammie” and  Valerie Peglar, Mrs Woodhead being the original owner of the “Doll House”.

“Mammie” is now a resident at one of our local retirement villages and pops in regularly for a bite to eat in her old home!

The 305 Guesthouse journey has been an incredible one and has much more than just 4 rooms!

We now boast a total of 37 rooms, a Coffee Shop, Beauty Spa, Rejuvenation Centre and Conference Facilities.  We also cater for Corporate Events, Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Kitchen Tea’s and many more.

Hereunder is an aerial view video showcasing how 305 Guesthouse has evolved

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